“As a 911 dispatcher my job is to get help to others as quickly and safely as possible. These workshops have given me the tools and resources to educate not only myself, but also my co-workers, on the importance of caring for ourselves so that we are better prepared to help care for others.”

Lynn Heinitz, 911 Communicator, London City Police


“This conference was a wonderful opportunity to nurture the mind and soul, renew my acquaintance with the Social Worker within, remember the gift of working in the field of  education and to learn tools and strategies to allow me to be the Professional I want to be.”

Cathy-Lou Newhouse, MSW, RSW, School Social Worker, Peel District School Board


“At CARE4YOU, child welfare workers and administrators can learn a lot to keep themselves healthy and effective.”

Christian Hackbusch, MSW, MTS, Coordinator of Training & Development, The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa


“To attend this conference is to have your eyes opened up…. every front line worker who is exposed to trauma should be seeking out what this conference is teaching.”

Karen Breeck, MD MHSc, Retired Military  Physician


“This program speaks to even the most seasoned health care provider.  Francoise’s own work in trauma elevates her understanding of the imperative that providers must learn to step back from the work, pause, reflect, take stock, take care and move forward for another day.  Good trauma work requires healthy providers.”

Lori Issenman, Chief of Interprofessional Practice and Spiritual Care, McMaster University Medical Centre


“…in the class I remembered how important it is to take good care of myself, to recognize burnout, secondary stress and compassion fatigue.  I walked away with quick and easy tools to use to help myself and my organization.”

Alice Forrester, PhD Executive Director, Clifford Beers Clinic, New Haven, Connecticut


“I love this conference, I return to work with a spring in my step.”

Conference Attendee


“Definitely a ‘go-to’ conference. Energetic, inspiring and validating.”

Conference Attendee


“The two days have been such an inspiration for me, especially the last presenter. Her presentation often rings with me, when I get too frantic about my daily life, I can hear her beautiful voice and it calms me down and I stop in my tracks. Thank you again for making this all happen.”

Conference Attendee


“This event made a profound impact on my life. I have been a social worker for eight years and I have worked in child protective services for the last three years. I knew after I found my breaking point I couldn’t allow myself to get spread that thin again. I didn’t really know how or what I would do to prevent it until I attended your workshop…. You inspired me and changed my life.  I am forever grateful!”

Workshop Attendee


“A newly appointed VP is pretty unhappy about his new posting. He came to the conference dragging his feet. He attended your session and was transformed. It was the best PD he has ever participated in and came to me a changed man.”

Colleague of a Conference Attendee


I have heard participants leave and say “So that is what is going on! What a relief to know I am not going crazy!”

Conference Attendee


“In this teaching climate, it is challenging to look after ourselves as we reach out to the students and families we serve. It is important to remember that if we don’t look after ourselves, we will not be able to look after those who depend on us. I was able to take that away with me today and will take small steps every day to make sure that I continue to do the best job I possibly can by keeping myself healthy in every way.”

Teacher, Conference Attendee


“I literally found your workshop life changing.” 

Workshop Attendee


“…thank you for letting me know that my reactions are normal.  You have been so helpful!  I hope many, many more police officers and civilians are given the opportunity to hear you.”

Police Officer, Workshop Attendee


“I have never before attended a conference or workshop where I felt engaged the entire time.  The material and the way it was presented provided real, relevant tools which I can easily apply and share in work/home situations.”

Conference Attendee


“I just went to an amazing session on compassion fatigue in Kingston on Monday.  There were folks there from many sectors, including animal protection, social work, counselors, child protection, teachers and health care workers. The whole morning talked about vicarious trauma, primary trauma, secondary trauma, then the difference between compassion fatigue and burnout.  She took us through the signs and symptoms of compassion fatigue and then put us through an inventory of how WE were doing psychologically, physically, spiritually, emotionally… The whole afternoon was dedicated to self-care strategies, and I got lots and lots of ideas to share with my family caregivers.  I really think we should consider getting this amazing resource person to come from Kingston to talk about this important topic…”

Workshop Attendee