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Beyond kale and pedicures: What works to reduce compassion fatigue and burnout?

Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC.
Co-Executive Director, TEND

Françoise Mathieu

There is now over two decades of research proving that working in high stress, trauma-exposed professions such as community mental health, law enforcement, child welfare and healthcare carries elements of risk to the care provider: compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and burnout can take a cumulative toll on us as individuals and as teams. What can professionals do to protect themselves from the difficult stories that they work with on a regular basis, limited resources and high volume of work, while still remaining effective and compassionate?

Using the most recent research in the field, this evidence-based and trauma-informed presentation will explore assumptions about compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma, the organizational and personal barriers that professionals face in their daily lives, and offers new and creative approaches to transforming these occupational hazards.




Dr. Pat Fisher
Investing in Your Team: The ROI on Organizational Health Assessments and Training

Dr. Patricia Fisher, R.Psych., L.Psych.

Change, uncertainty, reorganization, conflict, stress, trauma-exposure, funding…these and many other factors can compromise the health of you and your workplace.  TEND has guided thousands of individuals and organizations to address the normal consequences of their life and work.  This session will feature inspiring stories of agencies and individuals who have invested in creating positive, sustained change.





Françoise Mathieu

Compassion Fatigue 101

Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC.

Co-Executive Director, TEND

Compassion Fatigue (CF) refers to the profound emotional and physical exhaustion that helping professionals can develop over the course of their career. It is characterized by a shift in a professional’s sense of hope and optimism about the future and the value of their work. CF damages feelings of compassion and empathy towards clients in need and colleagues, which in turn can cause a decline in the quality of care provided.

Although some of the challenges of the work cannot be changed overnight, staff can learn concrete tools which will equip them to deal with the realities of their work.


Diana T

Grounding Techniques and The Neurobiology of Stress

Diana Tikasz, MSW, RSW

Coordinator, Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Care Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences And TEND Associate

Do you ever find yourself asking “Why am I reacting this way?” How come I don’t have more control?”

The pace, content and competing demands of the modern workplace has left many of us operating in constant stress overdrive.  As a result, we see many negative physical, emotional, behavioural and relational consequences in the workplace.  This session will teach the basics of how your brain reacts to stress and introduce you to some techniques to move you out of states of reactivity into the place of possibility where we are centered amongst chaos and can choose how we wish to respond.


Mandy TrappRefuel Session 3A: How to use Mindfulness in Times of Crisis

Led by Mandy Trapp, Vedic Master Educator, founder Lifestyle Meditation

During moments of crisis, finding stable ground can be extremely difficult, and can contribute to a lack of mental clarity and controlled physical function. The purpose of this session is to share the science behind the stress response and how, with the help of mindfulness-based techniques, we can better manage the chaos and transcend the hold that this stress has on our physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing.




The Need for Compassion: Self-care in the World of Addiction Medicine

Dr. Alana Hirsh

Dr. Alana Hirsh, MD, CCFP-EM

Family Physician & Addiction Medicine Advocate

A family and emergency physician, and one of the first doctors to prescribe heroin in Canada, Dr. Alana Hirsh is familiar with the stress of working with complex, traumatized clients. Join her as she discusses her experiences working in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside – the epicenter of the current opioid epidemic – with one of North America’s poorest, most drug-dependent and mentally ill populations. She will share her attraction to this work, her journey through burnout, and the lessons she learned in recovery. In this talk you will learn the practices she now employs, in particular self-compassion, which can assist us not only to work, but to thrive, in the service of drug using, or any challenging population.





Dr. Pat Fisher

Organizational Health 101

Dr. Patricia Fisher, R.Psych., L.Psych.

Co-Executive Director, TEND

How do you assess the health and productivity of your teams? What can be done to improve the health of your organization and increase the quality of service to your clients? Dr. Fisher will introduce her model of organizational health and will describe the key steps of an Organizational Health Assessment and the key interventions she most often recommends.



Meaghan Welfare

The Art of Navigating Difficult Conversations

Meaghan Welfare, TEND

It takes courage and confidence to engage in difficult conversations.  This session will explore the key techniques and tools you require to navigate difficult conversations and harness the possibilities of effective conflict management.



Refuel Session 3B: Meditation for Sustainable Well-Being

Mandy TrappLed by Mandy Trapp, Vedic Master Educator, founder Lifestyle Meditation

Meditation is a practice that has been around for over 5,000 years however, this wisdom could not be more valuable than it is today. Consistent exposure to stressful situations quickly change the biology of the body and the decision making centres of the brain. Chronic physical and mental illness is all too common today. During this session you will be introduced to ancient practices that will serve to reshape your brain and recharge your body, that when practiced consistently, will create a more balanced state of health.




Françoise Mathieu


Investing in YOU

Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC.

Co-Executive Director, TEND