Halifax – PRE Conference Training

June 14, 2018  –  9AM-4:30PM

Gen X, Millennials & Boomers – The Self Care Revolution by Generation

Françoise MathieuLed by: Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC.
Co-Executive Director, TEND

Meaghan Welfare, TEND Associate


Meaghan WelfareMany workplaces are currently facing challenges managing cross-generational teams. As a group, Millennials have different skill sets and priorities than Boomers and Generation X and this can lead to conflict and friction at work. In addition, during the next few years, there will be large-scale shifts in the generational makeup of our  teams: Baby boomers who are looking at retirement or scaling back to part-time work, Generation X who are be juggling complex caregiving duties for ageing parents and children, and Millennials, who are the up and coming workforce and a group who often value work-life balance and self-care in a way that can challenge managers trying to meet the multiple demands of the workplace. This workshop will offer a set of tools to help assess your teams in a time of shift and change and provide managers and supervisors with concrete steps to respond to the self care needs and priorities of each generation.

Cost: $325 CAD (+Tax)

WTF: Strategies to Keep Helping Professionals Grounded and Centered

Diana TLed by: Diana Tikasz, TEND Associate

Course Description:

The pace, content, and competing demands of the modern workplace has left many of us operating in constant stress overdrive.  Frequently this elevated stress state is challenged further with added pressures or trauma exposure.   Eventually we can find ourselves shutting down and numbing out because our bodies are not built to function in this high energy state for extended periods of time.   As a result we see many negative physical, emotional, behavioural and relational consequences personally and in the workplace.

The growing amount of research in the area neuroscience is exceedingly helpful in assisting us to understand what is happening as chronic stress and trauma exposure unbalances our well being.  Equipped with this research information we are able to learn how to reset our bodies to our natural healthy state.  This is essential, not only to our own well being, but it increases our effectiveness with clients and promotes a healthier workplace.

Based on neuroscience and trauma theory participants will learn:

  • how the experience of ongoing stress, crisis and trauma exposure impacts us and our colleagues
  • the WTF Model for self-monitoring
  • how we can quickly recover our equilibrium and reset our bodies during moments of high stress
  • helping our colleagues during moments of high trauma/high stress
  • resiliency and its psychological components—widening our windows
  • numerous tools to foster our resilience that enhance our sense of personal strength, purpose and joy
  • strategies to utilize before, during and after trauma exposure
  • time to reflect, discuss, practise and commit to developing a personalized plan

This workshop is based on learning practical skills and will provide a handout outlining the various tools presented.

Cost is $325 CAD (+Tax)