CARE4YOU – Halifax

Thank you to all who attended CARE4YOU Halifax.  We loved being with you on the East Coast and hope to be back soon.  We have posted any presentations that we have permission to distribute in the link to the right.

Change, uncertainty, reorganization, conflict, stress, trauma-exposure, funding…these and many other factors can compromise the health of you and your workplace.  Research has shown that healthy employees work more efficiently, miss less hours of work and deliver higher quality care. At CARE4YOU, we focus on providing helping professionals with the tools needed to address and manage the normal consequence of the vital work you do.

CARE4YOU is for anyone in position where they are continuously giving of themselves, caring for and helping others and leadership in organizations with high-stress and trauma exposed environments including (but not limited to): health care professionals, mental health workers, teachers, child protection workers, police, paramedics, firefighters, lawyers, palliative care workers, union leaders, and family caregivers (and so many more).

CARE4YOU is the conference that CARES for those who CARE for others.

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